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Practice Areas

Criminal Litigation

Criminal Litigation

Stenning’s Chambers often provide emergency representation at the Police Station or Detention Centre.

It is wise to get an attorney before attending any police interview - whatever the police tell you. No matter how confident you are about managing the situation on your own, you are better off to telephone an attorney to get assistance. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may well be entitled to one (at no expense to you) through 'Legal Aid'. The Custody Sargeant, who is responsible for your wellbeing if you are in custody, should advise you of your rights as well as provide you with a list of Legal Aid Practitioners who might be able to assist you.

Our attorneys have trained for many years to enable them to represent detainees; most have more than ten years of experience. They can get to the Detention Centre quickly, even after 5:00 pm and on weekends. They will assess your situation and make sure you understand the accusations that you face. They will carefully listen to what you have to say about the allegation(s), subsequently providing you with advice. The attorney will also seek to get you released from custody at the earliest opportunity too.

While not a comprehensive list; the team can advise on all areas of criminal law, to include:

  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Serious Crime (such as Drugs, Firearms, Corruption and Sexual Offences)
  • 'White Collar' / Financial and Commercial Crime
  • Extradition
  • Advice on submitting Suspicious Activity Reports (“SARs”) / Anti-money laundering matters

Our Client Care Approach

We ensure that only a limited number of engagements are active within Chambers at any time. This approach allows us to ensure that every client can benefit from having access to their 'Assigned Counsel' with the capacity to address your matter. We work to ensure that our clients benefit from a responsive and supportive relationship throughout the life of their case.

Defence/Legal Costs

We have an innovative approach to valuing our services. We offer various options, which includes fixed-fees. Our approach facilitates clients being able to benefit from a higher degree of certainty as to the costs that they will incur instructing us.

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