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Criminal Defence Representation 24/7

Legal advice is imperative at police stations because what you say or do can have a profound impact on the future outcome of your case. It is therefore important that you are represented by a suitably qualified attorney who will defend and protect your position. If you haven’t sought legal advice before being released on bail it is important you do so whilst on bail.

Stenning’s Chambers can assist at all stages; from arrest, seeking your release on bail, through to representation in court proceedings. Our experienced team (Assigned Duty Counsel always having in excess of 10 years’ experience) is on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to respond to emergency calls from those detained by law enforcement officials. We provide prompt help, advice and attendance.

Our Client Care Approach

We ensure that only a limited number of engagements are active within Chambers at any time. This approach allows us to ensure that every client can benefit from having access to their 'Assigned Counsel' with the capacity to address your matter. We ensure that our clients benefit from a responsive and supportive relationship throughout the life of their case.

Defence/Legal costs

We have an innovative approach to valuing our services. We offer various options, which include fixed-fees. Our approach facilitates clients being able to benefit from a higher degree of certainty as to the costs that they will incur instructing us.

If you have a legal problem, call us WE CAN HELP.

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